Tesco installs in-store kiosks to help compete with online rivals

14th August 2017

Tesco has commissioned Evoke Creative to supply a range of interactive digital kiosks to be installed across the retailer’s store estate, in a £1.2m contract designed to help it compete with online retailers.

An initial run of 250 kiosks will be installed in 140 Tesco Extra stores, the largest branches in the Tesco portfolio. Stores in Warrington, Stockport, Bolton, Leyland, Toxteth and Crewe will be the first to receive the kiosks, before the end of 2017.

Known as ‘Call-a-Colleague’ units, the kiosks will allow shoppers to view the large items and electrical products sold in-store, alerting relevant staff of their interest and allowing them to assist with further information or help.

The intuitive kiosks allow shoppers to browse a larger range of products than can be physically fitted on the store shelves. The kiosks are dual-sided, with customers using the front to browse and select product and the rear providing a ticket system for staff to view a list of queries.

The modular kiosks were designed to meet a brief that called for a flexible and future-proof system that can be adapted for changing demands. New components, such as a card payment facility, can be added as required. A further 30 outdoor kiosks have been commissioned as part of Tesco’s Click & Collect service.

Basic servicing of the kiosks can be handled by store staff, reducing the need for engineer callouts. A similar system was used in kiosks that Evoke Creative previously developed for fast food brand McDonald’s.

Evoke Creative CTO Dean Ward

“We’re passionate about creating intuitive technology that improves the customer experience – and we prize form as much as function. Tech-savvy shoppers are accustomed to the high-end aesthetic of their smartphones and tablets. Nondescript metal boxes, with clunky touch screens simply won’t cut it,” says Evoke Creative CTO Dean Ward.

“Tesco commissioned us to design bespoke units in-keeping its brand. We’re incredibly pleased with the end products and look forward to working on future technology implementation with Britain’s biggest retailer,” adds Ward.