Design showcase: Gelato chain Snowflake turns pop-up into permanent branch

6th September 2016

Luxury gelato brand Snowflake has turned a pop-up store in London’s South Kensington into a permanent branch, working with design and shopfitting group Fernwood Interiors to create a larger and more relaxed environment at the site on Thurloe Street.

A two-month pop-up store at the site proved the demand for a permanent store, but offered only a counter and a small seating area. The expanded store provides space for a constant stream of customers.

Snowflake’s signature chocolate brown colour was used on the stores shopfront, which features a supersized door to encourage customers inside.

A staircase with glass balustrade leads customers to an upstairs seating area, while the ground floor features a service area and working space along with a walk-in freezer. Full height windows and mirrors ensure the ground floor is a light-filled and welcoming space.