AR increases on-the-spot big ticket purchases finds study

18th December 2017

A third of consumers are more likely to buy expensive products when given access to technology that allows them to visualise the items in their homes, finds new research.

A study commissioned by DigitalBridge has found that 33 per cent of shoppers say they would be more likely to buy high ticket items on the spot if they could employ augmented reality (AR) technology to ‘see’ it in their home first.

Nearly half of participants (49 per cent) say that being able to plan, test and view multiple room designs and products before buying is the biggest benefit of AR technology in retail. And more than half (56 per cent) say AR could help speed up their purchase decisions.

The ability to share their shopping ideas with friends via social media appealed to 26 per cent of shoppers, who valued getting other opinions before spending money.

“Redesigning a room like a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom can be a complex process and if people get it wrong it’s an expensive investment which is incredibly difficult to reverse,” says DigitalBridge CEO David Levine.

“AR allows consumers to try out multiple options and get a real idea of what purchases would look like before they have to make a decision, which is something retailers have long wanted to offer them… and new technology is offering people access to an entirely new kind of experience.”