Sales up at new Lotte Duty Free store format

1st May 2015

Lotte Duty Free, South Korea’s largest duty free retailer, has seen its daily sales increase by 20 per cent with the opening of a new store in the 123 storey World Tower Mall in Seoul.

The 11,000 sq m store occupies the seventh and eight floors of the World Tower Mall, Seoul’s new landmark and the tallest building in South Korea. The retail space was conceived to reimagine the duty free shopping experience. It is the largest duty free outlet in Korea and the third largest in the world.

Global branding agency Lippincott created the design strategy for the store, which incorporates state-of-the-art technology and dynamic digital content to create a unique and immersive visitor journey.

The store seeks to present ‘approachable luxury’ to its shoppers. Lippincott developed digital content and merchandising strategies to keep shoppers engaged throughout their time in the store. LED screen technology has been featured to an extent never previously seen in Korea.

In-store video content is updated throughout the day, combining entertainment, local heritage and ambient landscape imagery. Images of global travel destinations are presented to provoke curiosity about travel and to appeal to the store’s target customers.

Three LED installations surround the store’s perimeter, hanging above escalators and wrapped around columns. Lotte Duty Free’s signature ‘Star Avenue’ feature – a popular tourist destination – was integrated into the store with a ‘Star Bridge’ feature, a two storey collection of LED panels showing images of Korean Wave celebrities.

Lotte Duty Free CEO Hong-Kyun Lee describes store as “world class not only in its scale and the number of featured brands but also in its interior design and great shopping environment”.

“When it comes to visual merchandising, the biggest question for retailers is how to engage customers without taking up too much… retail space,” says Lippincott partner Hyun-Joo Eum. “The new Lotte Duty Free shop’s strategy demonstrates a non-compromising, win-win case of achieving both maximum retail space and maximum impact on customer experience. It integrates visual merchandising elements as part of the broader retail environment but does not fail to deliver a ‘wow’ impact.”