Design Showcase: Burt's Bees new format creates buzz for Asia expansion

3rd January 2017

Burt’s Bees has introduced a new ‘approachable premium’ store format, developed by Landini Associates, prior to its expansion into Asia.

The natural skincare brand was founded in the early 1980s, in Maine, by Burt Shavitz and Roxanne Quimby to use by-products of Shavitz’s beekeeping. It sells 100 per cent natural skin- and lip-care products, based on honey, beeswax and hundreds of other plant ingredients.

The store design reflects the brand’s key sustainability principles, celebrating a simple, frugal world that is at one with nature while updating it to compete in the crowded 21st century skincare market.

Features include a back wall image of Shavitz with his bees, along with the Classic Collection of products from the brand’s original range.

Natural and recycled materials are used extensively. Recycled shingles, reminiscent of Shavitz’s shack in Maine, line the walls; shelves are made of recycled timber and glass; Bole flooring uses naturally curved hardwood.

Warm, gold-tinted lighting seeks to create the impression of being inside a beehive, and to encourage longer dwell times. A honey wall is made of replicated honey jars, each containing a different natural ingredient used in the products.

An open shopfront encourages passersby into the store, while a beauty worktable in the centre of the store encourages them to test and discover product benefits. Redesigned graphics have been introduced as part of the new format, with signage, ticketing and information graphics all updated.

Standalone and shop-in-shop versions of the format have been developed and are now trading in Hong Kong. Further expansion is planned throughout Asia, South America and Europe.

Photography: Ross Honeysett