Customer experience project rolls out at Land Securities developments

11th January 2017

Property group Land Securities is to measure guest experience across its portfolio of retail and leisure destinations, following a successful three year pilot at Bluewater.

The company has appointed Service Management Group (SMG) to expand its pilot programme to measure and analyse customer satisfaction, utilising a combination of online surveys, real time analysis and instant messaging of findings. The project will enable tracking of customer response to events, new initiatives and the wider experience at Land Securities destinations.

Work at Bluewater has established that 96 per cent of customers rate their visits to the centre as good or excellent and 83 per cent are highly likely to return.

“The initiative is a reflection of the fundamental role guest experience plays at the heart of Land Securities approach to managing successful retail and leisure destinations,” says Land Securities head of commercial Jat Sahota. “The benefits are wide and ranging,” he says of the SMG research, adding that is has helped to shape Bluewater’s offer to improve the performance of stores and restaurants.

“While the best stores and the best products are fundamental to the success of any retail and leisure destination, the quality of the experience provided by the centre overall is what really drives consumer loyalty,” says SMG managing director Jeremy Michael. “Our partnership with Land Securites at Bluewater has demonstrated the value of proactively measuring how guests view the experience, positively affecting behaviour to encourage guests to spend more time and money at Bluewater.”

According to SMG’s UK Customer Satisfaction Report, customers who are highly satisfied with their experience are likely to spend 40 per cent more than those who aren’t.