Design Showcase: 1980s nostalgia at Hi-Pop Tea in China

11th January 2017

The Hi-Pop Tea Concept Store in Foshan, in China’s Guangdong Province, has been created to attract young consumers in an area well known for fashion stores. Design is by Construction Union.

Located in CD Street – described as an old street filled with nostalgia and memories of the 1980s – Hi-Pop Tea seeks to lead the tide of fashion by integrating a sense of the past into its bright and distinctive interiors.

The agency describes the design as being derived from the ‘outbreak of cool’ feeling from drinking cold carbonated soft drinks as a child.

Two large box-like spaces – one black and one yellow - form the main interior areas. A lattice-like ceiling sculpture made of iron connects the spaces, running throughout the interior of the café.

Tiles on the floors and walls feature sketches based on the circles that customers may have doodled when they were bored schoolchildren.

Doodled monsters feature on doors and glass panels, with monster sculptures installed throughout.

The atmosphere is said to keep customers in good spirits and subconsciously increase their eating speed.