Assisted toilets bring more shoppers says survey

20th March 2017

Shopping venues could increase their appeal by providing better toilet facilities for customers with disabilities, according to a survey from accessible toilet brand Clos-o-Mat.

A survey among campaigners for assisted toilets with an adult-sized changing bench and hoist (Changing Places, Space to Change facilities) found that 99 per cent of respondents would visit a retail centre with these facilities over one without.

Most respondents (94 per cent) would stay for a snack or meal if such facilities were available and 83 per cent would spend more time at a shopping venue thus equipped. More than two thirds (68 per cent) said they usually had three of more people with them when shopping.

“The figures speak for themselves: footfall, time and spend would all increase if a retail venue catered for people who need help to go to the loo when away from home,” says Clos-o-Mat marketing manager Robin Tuffley. “20% of the UK population today is disabled, up to 14million people, who spend £212billion a year.”

“A large percentage need a little extra space, and or equipment of a changing bench and/or hoist for intimate care… Under current legislation and best practice, these facilities should be provided. The survey gives venues a tangible business argument to install them,” adds Tuffley.