Most shoppers happy to share data over in-store wifi - for a discount

18th April 2017

Nearly three quarters of UK shoppers are prepared to share basic personal data over in-store wifi networks in return for discounts, according to new research from technology group Hughes Europe.

The study found 74 per cent of shoppers would share the data in return for a discount, while 85 per cent would share details of the kind of products they like and 55 per cent would share information on the kind of stores where they prefer to shop.

But a high proportion (89 per cent) fear being bombarded with unwanted messages when they log on to retailer wifi networks, with 63 per cent concerned about the security of the data they share.

“Consumers, especially millennials, are now very savvy about data and personalisation and are willing to share their data with retailers if there are rewards on top of free wifi access, such as targeted offers and discounts based on their preferences,” says Hughes Europe head of solution development Dan Thornton. “To capitalise on this growing trend and get closer to customers, retailers must be transparent about data-security and user policies, as well as ensuring messages are relevant to each individual. If consumers are bombarded with spam, they will log off for good.”

The details respondents were most willing to share with retailers are name (86%), gender (83%) and email address (69%) but few are prepared to share more specific details such as monthly expenditure (10%), address (11%) or salary band (15%).