Queen's Award for Lumsden Design after export sucess

21st April 2017

Callum Lumsden

Lumsden Design has been awarded a Queen’s Award for Enterprise. The design agency, based in London’s Clerkenwell, won the Queen’s Award for International Trade for Outstanding Short Term Growth, after seeing its overseas sales nearly triple in three years.

Founded in 2010, Lumsden Design established itself by creating retail environments for museums, galleries and visitor attractions. It has created stores at the British Museum, National Theatre, Abbey Road Studios and the Tate Modern, and for a number of Harry Potter attractions.

In three years of exporting its services the agency has seen 177 per cent growth in international sales, driven by projects at attractions including New York’s Museum of Modern Art, Harry Potter attractions in Florida and California, the National Gallery of Canada and Moscow’s Museum of Cosmonautics. International sales account for nearly 90 per cent of the company’s turnover.

“It’s brilliant that together we have built another tremendous success story for British design being valued all over the world,” says agency founder Callum Lumsden. “What we do proves the design can have a very tangible impact, providing a valuable return on the investment made by our clients, whilst being creative and aesthetically attractive. I see first-hand in foreign cities how much recognition and respect the rest of the world has for British design. We’re very proud to be an ambassador for that.

“When you ally hugely creative talent with clients who want their shops to be unlike any others, they are truly immersive experiences which form an enjoyable and memorable part of the visitor experience,” adds Lumsden. “Our designs are judged not just for their visual impact but for their success in generating vital revenue which is reinvested in acquisitions, new exhibitions, employment, culture and the community they are located in.”