Veggie Pret serves up new options

15th May 2017

Sandwich and coffee chain Pret A Manger has opened a vegetarian branch on London’s Great Eastern Street, introducing a new colour palette to set the outlet apart from standard versions.

The store marks the official launch of vegetarian ranges that were market tested last year, including new food items and drinks such as turmeric lattes.

Design agency Your Studio worked with Pret to develop the new format, building on features used in a concept it had worked on in Victoria.

The façade of the building has been painted in a classic grey to highlight architectural details and give the branch a ‘sophisticated restaurant’ feel.

A new combination of seating has been introduced in the store, which has an increased amount of window seating, comfortable green banquettes for those with more time, corner booths and large sharing tables.

A bright and clean ground floor space optimises customer flow. New graphics and materials help with ordering and wayfinding, with white ‘handwritten’ fonts on wooden chevron panels. A new lighting system allows the interior to adapt to conditions, for example becoming brighter on an overcast day.