Design showcase: Prezzemolo & Vitale in Chelsea

3rd November 2017

Prezzemolo & Vitale’s store on the affluent Kings Road, in London’s Chelsea, has been designed to combine the traditions of a neighbourhood store with the appeal of a high-end delicatessen, selling the best Sicilian and Italian delicacies.

Designed by Studio DiDeA, the store offers 160 sq m (1,722 sq ft) of space on one level, with a wide door and two large windows providing a clear view of the interior.

Two large and well-stocked counter units mark a path inside, and invite customer to explore the further reaches of the interior.

Products are displayed in freestanding refrigerators, or on the modular shelves which line almost all of the available wall space.

A deliberately narrow materials palette sees solid oak with a natural finish, along with a dark grey colour scheme, and flooring that alternates between bare floorboards and a hexagonal tile finish. A black iron base plate runs around the perimeter to create a degree of contrast.

Above the displays a backlit strip or iron and glass simulates industrial-style windows and contributes to a warm level of lighting.

A canteen space at the rear of the delicatessen is distinguished by different shelves, made of lacquered grey MDF, and beige hexagonal tiles.

“We wanted to create a welcoming, elegant and warm atmosphere but keeping it informal at the same time,” says a spokesman for Studio DiDeA. “We used materials inspired by industrial design sill keeping the elegance of the P&V brand and its excellent products.”