Las Vegas retailer drives traffic with 24 hour digital signage

13th November 2017

Las Vegas retailer Vegas EXP – which sells locally-themed merchandise – has introduced a large, ultra-bright outdoor digital display over the entrance to its store on the Las Vegas Strip, one of the world’s busiest and most competitive retail environments.

M&K Enterprises, the retailer’s parent company, commissioned the sign from Nanolumens to drive foot traffic, encourage purchases and help develop an emotional connection with customers.

“Technology is huge for us,” says M&K Enterprises president and CEO Jennifer Turner. “In an environment where 100,000 potential customers see our storefront every day, it’s more important than ever to make an immediate visual impact. What could be better… than an always-on, super bright, 17-foot wide LED display that we can update with new content at a moment’s notice?”

A further 32 displays, some with touchscreens, have been installed inside the store. These are used to promote new products and online promotions, including prompts for customers to sign up via their mobile devices to receive discounts.

“We’re now working on a game-type system for touchscreen displays in the store, where visitors can spin a wheel or play a game to win a prize or earn a discount,” adds Turner. “We know the retail environment is rapidly changing, and we refuse to be left behind.”