Boden joins trend for online brands to open physical stores

13th November 2017

Fashion and lifestyle brand Boden is the latest online and mail order retailer to open a physical space, in the shape of a home-inspired store in Duke of York Square, in London’s Chelsea.

The concept invites customers to shop ‘at home’ with brand founder Johnnie Boden, in a store full of eccentric and domestic touches. Design is by Dalziel & Pow.

The store is furnished with a broad mix of found furniture, with home-like touches including collections of vintage paperbacks and vases of flowers. Hand painted finishes, including messages of welcome from Boden, are matched with dark wood flooring.

Communication and pops of colour are used to feed with and humour into the shopping experience, along with lifestyle imagery and elements of surprise chosen to entertain shoppers.

The store has entrances at either end, and is laid out as a series of individual rooms that gradually reveal the brand’s full collection, in manageable and easy-to-navigate sections.

A feature staircase separates the women’s, accessories and footwear offer on the ground floor from the Mini and Baby Boden brands on the lower ground level. Customers using the lift hear Johnnie Boden’s voice and experience the store’s unique fragrance.

“The launch of any established online brand into physical space is a challenge, a challenge to represent the brand in a way it hasn’t needed to consider since its inception,” says Dalziel & Pow creative director David Dalziel.

“At Boden that required us to get closer to the brand essence than is normally possible, to truly reflect it in every choice of material, every nuance of the experience. In this store Boden creates its own home from home - the result is a subtle and elegant interpretation that gives the brand a platform for future growth,” adds Dalziel.