New Future of Retail report from Momentum Instore

4th January 2018

Retail implementation agency Momentum Instore has published its annual Future of Retail Report 2018, looking at the challenges and opportunities facing the retail sector this year.

The report tackles retail myths about physical stores and highlights new opportunities such as the growing use of social media, and looks at growing trends for experiential interiors.

“Staying at the cutting edge of technology is the key to success for retailers striving to drive traffic in store and the insights in our new report provide retailers with the tools they need to remain at the forefront of the industry,” says Momentum Instore managing director Rob Gleave.

“The world of retail is constantly evolving and 2018 will be yet another year of transformation in global retail. Whilst there may be challenges ahead, we’re confident that with an understanding of the new generation of consumer, a renewed focus on omnichannel and a willingness to embrace new technology, forward thinking retailers will be set for success.”

The report is free to download here