Voucher boom for home and DIY retailers says report

11th January 2018


DIY and home improvement retailers could benefit from a post-Christmas boost in sales, according to figures on gift cards and vouchers.

A study by www.web-blinds.com has found that as many as one in eight UK adults received a gift card or voucher for the sector over Christmas. The survey involved nearly 3,000 consumers, and found that on average the vouchers were worth £25 each. The study team has calculated that shoppers received vouchers worth as much as £312.2m in total.

Less than a third of the vouchers were spent during the New Year sales, according to the survey.

“Whilst in previous years it might’ve been more common to give loved ones vouchers for their favourite clothing brand, it seems that a rise in home improvement vouchers is now a more preferred and welcomed offering come Christmas. This could be down to the fact that once people have saved the amount required to secure a deposit on a property, they are left with very little in savings, and therefore rely on friends and family to help them furnish, decorate and improve the look of their new homes,” says Melissa Benedict of www.web-blinds.com.